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If you’re looking out to purchase a property considering the aim of renting it out for a additional rental income, you’ll require a specific ‘Buy to Let’ mortgage. Buy to Let mortgages vary from standard housing mortgages in many ways – they’ve got very different terms and conditions, they’re valued in a different way, and considers several elements could be taken into consideration once you submit your application.

As Buy to Let represents a very special area of the mortgage industry (lying between non commercial and commercial lending) it’s critical to take help and advice from advisors who fully understand the lenders’ conditions. While Using the High-quality Mortgage Company, you can actually be confident that our experts have working experience of the Buy to Let market – which normally falls beyond the well-known high street banks and building societies.

Many lenders take into consideration Buy to Let mortgages as a greater risk than regular personal lending – as you possibly will not always have tenants in the property or home, and because of this regular rental income source is not assured. This associated risk is shown both in the application underwriting, and the way financial institutions rate their particular Buy to Let mortgage deals.

You’ll be asked to put up a much larger down payment for the property or home – generally 20% or higher. Set up fees and rates of interest will usually be more than a similar home mortgage.

Once you make application for a Buy to Let mortgage, be well prepared to give a variety of details as compared to a ‘normal’ mortgage application. Usually lender will require details of the forecasted rented income versus the mortgage expenses. Typically, the rental income you will get has to be no less than 125% of an interest monthly payment for the mortgage, however in many occasions the lending company might also be more than willing to consider your take-home pay or other sources of income into consideration.
While looking at properties, you must shop around prior to buying. Lookout for what kind of properties are in high demand and decide on a area that will be sought-after, for example those near to local amenities.

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*”Your home may be repossessed if your do not keep up repayments on your mortgage & We may charge a fee of up to 1% of the advance (payable at completion). This will depend on your personal circumstances, a typical fee would be 0.5% of the advance, for example a loan of £100,000 will extract a fee of £500.00 from which a fee of £250.00 (non refundable) will be payable upon completion of your mortgage application (After DIP) and rest on completion of your mortgage”