Credit Report -Ways to be on top score

All want an excellent credit score so that it can help in gaining credit facility when you want it most for your personal and business needs. Credit scoring takes years of your past credit repayment history to build and if you have paid all repayment on time ,it is likely that your credit score will [...] Read More

Dealing with the debts of someone who has died

Dealing with the debts of someone who …   It can be difficult to manage debt of someone who has died in your family or close relative who has passed away as you would probably need to go through lots of paper work. You can also seek help from a debt advice service if you [...] Read More

Debt Management and Free Debt Advice

How important it will be for a person that his debts could be settled .? I think 'Very Important ' The fact is the credit facilities have been used to buy items or services and now it is an ongoing repayment on used credit with high interest and charges. Sometimes, It can take someone 'entire [...] Read More

Debt Management Plan –Living with it

Mr & Mrs Khan were in a Debt Management Plan for around 6 years before  they finally cleared their debts in March 2018. This happened due to losses in their own business where they tried to inject personal capital borrowed from their credit cards and loans to support dying business. Their business eventually went down [...] Read More