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Can your unsecured debt be written off Please Read and Know about it

We have heard from various friends and adverts suggesting that your unsecured debt can be written off . it sounds too good to be true and most debt solution companies who offers formal debt solution (Specially IVA) they entice people to take out formal debt plan.... In many cases ,it is better to take debt [...] Read More

Changes to UK Benefit System –Claim your Benefits

Are you struggling to pay your household bill and worried about managing on less money? It becomes essential to review your monthly financial statement to understand your income and expenditure and if there is, any disposable income left... Your local council is given ‘Discretionary Housing Payments’ to help people in the short term who are [...] Read More

What Happens If I Make Only the Minimum Payment on My Credit Card?

Paying only the minimum keeps you in debt longer, costs you money in interest, bring many money worries and could hurt your credit score.... It is always good to keep monthly budgeting of your income and expenditure to be in sound financial control but is it terrible plan for paying down your credit cards and [...] Read More

Dealing with the debts of someone who has died

Dealing with the debts of someone who …   It can be difficult to manage debt of someone who has died in your family or close relative who has passed away as you would probably need to go through lots of paper work. You can also seek help from a debt advice service if you [...] Read More